Welcome to the Cantina circa the summer of 1977. The beat hits with every unscrupulous patron. Conversations in dark corners have found new illumination thru synthwave design. Step out of the dust and wet your whistle on a character driven soundscape in a Squidnova far, far away...


Occams Laser

Music to me is what keeps the wheels turning and fires burning

Repping the Isle of Wight in the UK, Occams Laser steps into the Cantina a synthwave gunslinger. He brings a retro futuristic vibe.

Wiriamu Firippu

I love unorthodox ways of creating music, and I am ALWAYS seeking the TRUTH in all things under the sun

An artist from the planes of America, Wiriamu Firippu steps into the Cantina for relief from Imperial mind control.


I make music to share my feelings, to tell stories my words couldn't explain. The power of music is unlimited.

A French artist from Marseille and a veteran in the Sci-Fi synth game, Azriel follows hunters tracking lost prey in this Sci-Fi soundscape.

Vincent Nuit

Vincent steps into the Cantina from a dystopian city. This Venezuelan artist knows the dark corners of the synth game and finds an important meeting at the heart of the Cantinawave.

Mark Ramsey - Visual Design

Imagination is our greatest weapon in the war against reality.

A visual artist from the midwest, Mark steps into the Cantina with dynamic 3-D style.

Rob Mommaerts - Album Art

Hello! I like to draw and paint things. hope you enjoy what you see!
Cantinawave - Synthwave Album
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01 - Scum/Villainy

02 - She Wants

03 - They Lurk

04 - Docking Bay 94

05 - Sorry Bout The Mess

06 - Twin Sunset

Track Art:
cantinawave track 1
cantinawave track 02
She Wants
cantinawave track 03
They Lurk
cantinawave track 04
Docking Bay 94
cantinawave track 05
Sorry Bout the Mess
cantinawave track 06
Twin Sunsets